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Brandon Guyer talks mindset during his Game 7 hit in 2016

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Walking up to the plate in the final innings of a Game 7 with a runner on base and a championship on the line is something very few people will ever experience but almost everyone imagines at one point or another. For Brandon Guyer, years of visualizing such a moment may have helped him come through in the clutch as he doubled home a baby-faced Jos Ramrez from first base and put Cleveland within striking distance of ending their decades-long World Series drought. Cleveland Guardians newsBrandon Guyer recounts his mindset while getting a hit ahead of Rajai Davis in the 2016 World Series TwitterI meant to post this yesterday but completely forgot, so shout out to lucasmcain for putting it in the comments of yesterday's News Notes. Everyone remembers Rajai Davis choking up on the bat and tying Game 7 in the eighth inning, but few people credit Brandon Guyer for hitting an RBI double ahead of him both hits came while facing prime Aroldis Chapman. Six years later, Guyer told the story of his mindset during the at-bat in a Twitter thread. I'll embed each tweet individually for those who don't want to fumble around with Twitter's interface, or for those who are not interested in stepping into a building that is currently on fire https://www.cgteamstore.com/satchel-paige-hoodie. Game 7 of the 2016 World: Biggest at-bat of my life. Ripped a line drive to right center for an RBI double. Not posting this to flex, just putting it out there because I think a lot of people could get some value out of how I kept my mind right during that at-bat. Cont Brandon Guyer November 3, 2022This at-bat, just like all the others, started way before I actually got in the box. It started before each game. The biggest part of that pre-game routine was visualization: putting myself in different situations and envisioning success. Brandon Guyer November 3, 2022This obviously doesn't guarantee success by any means, but it does 100% put you in a much better position to succeed. It's a game changer. Many studies show that through visualization you can enhance your skills with very similar payoffs of actual physical practice Omar Vizquel T-Shirt. Brandon Guyer November 3, 2022That at-bat was a great example. I had envisioned being in that moment since I was a kid. Granted, when I was a kid I didn't think I'd ever stare down somebody capable of throwing a 105 MPH fastball. Brandon Guyer November 3, 2022Nowadays it seems as if every team has someone that can, so you better believe I started visualizing at-bats against all of them. Throughout that series, after practices, in hotels, whenever we weren't on the field, I'd close my eyes and stay in the batter's box. Brandon Guyer November 3, 2022I made sure to get to get as many ental reps' against Chapman as I could, being that I had never faced him before. Reggie Bush caught Drew Brees doing this a couple years ago in the Saints practice facility the day before a big game. Brandon Guyer November 3, 2022Those mental reps pay off by making big moments feel routine. It felt like a normal at-bat in the dog days of summer because I had been there hundreds of times in my head. Brandon Guyer November 3, 2022What I didn't envision was my man hitting a bomb after me to tie the game https://www.cgteamstore.com/eli-morgan-t-shirt. Still get hyped thinking about that!I saw success play out so many times in my head and I truly believed it would happen in that moment. Brandon Guyer November 3, 2022To some, extra mental work may sound like a acrifice' in one way or another, but you can tell from my reaction when I got to second, all the time I spent visualizing was worth it. Brandon Guyer November 3, 2022If you're a baseball or softball player looking for tips on how to develop a Major League Mindset, you can definitely ask me here or check out

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